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3T Discus Plus C25 Pro Wheelset

3t discus plus c25 pro wheelset
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3T is pushing wheels in new directions. their Discus Plus C25 Pro is a pretty trick aluminum-rimmed 650b wheelset. They’ve evaluated just about every component in the wheel, and have designed it better.


The 650b wheel size, or 27.5, is finding popularity both for mountain bikes and for gravel grinders. This is on the lighter side of cross-country use, weighing in at 1650g for the set.


Start with the rim. The tubeless-ready hoop is not only super-wide, 30mm, but also super-shallow, 21mm deep. The resulting channel is 24mm wide. This profile is excellent for providing you with a wide footprint without forcing you to move extra rotating mass. Good for climbing, good for accelerations. And you can go both pretty slim in tires for lightweight and pretty wide, for rough roads.


The drilling for spokes was examined, and revised. First, they decided to go with asymmetric drilling, moving the holes off the center line to better balance out spoke tension between the left and right sides. Then they drilled the holes with something they call “double angle drilling” which means that each hole has been aligned with the hub flange the spoke will be coming from. And the nipple sits in a washer to better align the nipple. Straighter spokes are stronger and less likely to fatigue.


The hub flanges are designed to work with straight-pull spokes. Stronger and lighter. The spokes are round and in a two-cross pattern.


The axles are designed with endcaps that one can install and remove by hand. This allows the rider to quickly and easily switch the hubs from quick release to 12mm or 15mm thru- axles in front and to 12x135 or 12x142mm thru-axles in back.


The standard cassette body is splined and designed to work with SRAM and Shimano 9/10/11-speed cassettes. They sell SRAM XD and Campagnolo 9/10/11-speed compatible bodies if you have a need for those.

The 3T Discus Plus C25 Pro Wheelset is surefooted and nimble, providing  a nice, grippy, low rolling resistance contact patch with the ground and a strong, laterally-stiff, light connection with the bike.

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